liz redwing


​Liz has worked in and around the music and entertainment business for over 35 years.  After learning piano, clarinet and bass as a child, and playing in stage, concert and marching bands for 10 years, Liz moved to LA to pursue a career in the music business.  

Liz is the new administrative coordinator for the California Copyright Conference.  The CCC hosts dinner panels, webinars, and mixers aimed at connecting and educating music industry professionals.  Prior to that she was the long-time administrative director for the Association Of Independent Music Publishers LA Chapter. 

Liz also manages producer Ronan Chris Murphy, does copyright research for Skye IP Management and provides music business consulting for artists. She got her creative start at MCA Records and Interscope Music, Interscope Records former publishing company (Ron Sexsmith, Tupac, Matthew Wilder, Possum Dixon, No Doubt, et. al.).  Liz also scouted for Atlantic Records and has held positions with management companies, business management firms and law firms, as well as having worked in video production.